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From HappierAbroad.com:  "No Holds Barred! Scott Mallon, a veteran Thailand expat -- aka An American in Bangkok on his Blog and YouTube Channel -- met up with Winston Wu and his friend Rock in Bangkok, for a no-nonsense, no-holds-barred round table discussion about life and women in Thailand. Scott tells it like it is, with the crass bluntness of an East Coaster. This is not for sensitive ears as there is no political correctness here."

Dan Cilley's comments:  The world is changing.  We are figuring out the science of being happy.  Attracting a good woman is what we want, but prosperity has altered how men have gone about doing so.  Now, in "prosperous" nations, the people are becoming sicker and sicker.  So the "prosperous" nations are actually becoming less prosperous than many poor nations.  All one needs to be happy and healthy is healthy food and shelter, and not much more.  The food that people eat in these "prosperous" nations is too rich for the body.  It is too stimulating for the brain.  The food creates a drug-like effect in the brain.  This causes women who eat this food to value food more than men.  And now the Internet has opened up massive opportunities for women to access men who they would never have been able to communicate with.  The entire Internet-enabled world is now your competition.  You are now competing with men from all over the world.  And there are so many fat girls now, which narrows the available good women substantially.  And due to the vast number of men who are vying for a decent woman, these decent women become jaded due to all the attention.  The result is, it is very difficult to attract a good woman in "prosperous" countries.  A country cannot be truly prosperous if the people are ill.  Being truly successful or wealthy involves being healthy and happy; not just financially well-off.  So, technology has been able to produce abundance for everyone in the First World for decades, and the result has been dysfunction.  Modern agriculture has enabled people to eat the richest foods for the cheapest price, ever.  People are fat and sick.  People are valuing capitalism over health.  The government subsidizes different industries and individuals, which gives them something without earning it, and people become entitled and dependent on the cheaper cost of living.  The government subsidizes vegetable oil, for example.  Vegetable oil is largely responsible for the obesity problem in the First World, and oil immediately injures the lining of the arteries.  But when it is subsidized, the cost of oil and food containing it is cheaper than it otherwise would be, so people choose it over more expensive foods.  There are 9 foods that are subsidized by the government, such as milk, beef, corn, peanut butter, etc.  But in countries where there is no subsidization, the people will not eat meat or dairy products, because they are expensive.  And in doing so, they will eat foods which are healthier, or they will eat less food.  They will have to work more in order to buy food, so they will be healthier.  Life will not be as easy, but at least they won't be destroying their bodies and minds by ingesting a rich diet.  The rich diet corrupts the mind so the person is dependent on the "food" for happiness.  The person becomes depressed and unhappy.  It's because the food "blasts" the brain with pleasure; but what goes up, must come down.  Joel Fuhrman, M.D. once said that in medical school he was taught that "the efficacy, or the pharmacological property, is proportional to the toxicity" regarding drugs.  This means that if you drug yourself with a substance that changes how you feel, think, etc., the substance is toxic.  The more powerful the drug is, the more toxic it is.  Food is toxic, just not ostensibly so.  You eat pizza and you feel pretty good.  You eat potato chips and you think everything is fine.  You "feel hungry" and you think that's true hunger.  You go about your day and you think you are living the best you can.  But like Gary Null observed in Italy and several other countries, you can be at ease, peaceful, calm, loving, joyful, generous, giving, etc. when you are at your best.  You can wake up in the morning, "fully vibrant and alive," like Joel Fuhrman has said.  You don't get hungry until you are actually hungry.  You are not tired in the morning and needing coffee.  You feel free and like life is easy; the world seems peaceful.  So what is happening is, women are becoming addicted to food, and behaving like drug addicts.  They are not "at ease"; they are in a state of constantly needing to get their fix of whatever food.  So, food is what they value, instead of the love of a man.  They are not healthy and balanced enough to graciously interact with a man.  And the capitalism-driven programming on TV has caused women to be indoctrinated with pro-consumerist beliefs which downplay, ridicule, or ignore traditional, natural values such as sex, romance, raising a family, being nice to people, etc.; when you watch TV or any mainstream media, you are entering into a world where no one needs sex, where sex is unimportant, where women earn their own money and are independent, where it's every person for themselves, where you cannot express sincere joy without someone ridiculing it, etc.  I believe women are exposed to so much media like this, that they "live" the characters they see on sitcoms and in the movies.  So, if you go to countries where the girls do not have electricity, or at least do not have access to unwholesome programming, they will be wholesome.  Their natural desires to interact with a man and to be his woman will be expressed.  They desire to cook and clean, and have children, because that's what they naturally desire to do, if their brain is not corrupted with excessive stimulation from rich foods and toxic media.  So, what we are finding is, wherever technology and "prosperity" invade, the people will become sick, and life will not be good.  In order to live the best life possible, the people have to eat healthfully and be around healthy people, and be in a health-promoting environment in general.  "Prosperity" creates a vicious cycle; once the people eat unhealthfully, they get fat, and then men are motivated to earn more money (at any cost) in order to attract good-looking, healthy women; but the after-effects of earning money at any cost further cause people to consume unhealthy products and services.  We need to become aware of what is happening.  We need to realize that, like Joel Fuhrman said, "Feeling worse is feeling better."  Quick-fixes are not the right answer usually.  Super-good-tasting food has a catch to it.  Drugs are bad.  Food is drugged.  We need to be aware of what makes everything happen.  We need to be conscious of the choices we make and their effects.  We can create a healthy world if everyone is aware of what causes them to live the best life possible.